How It Works!

Is there a fruitpassion shop ?

…yes and no. We sell our fruit directly from our warehouse or you can collect your fruitbasket directly at our warehouse. Address and times as follows:

Fruitpassion, Alemannenweg 6, 8803Rüschlikon

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Friday: am 08:30 - 11:30 / pm 02:00 - 04:00

(also additional opening hours prior arrangement)

Ok then, how do I order ?

Use our Shop and decide which products you want to buy! Move the items into the ‘cart’ by pressing the respective button ‘add to cart’ (repeat clicks if you want to buy more than one per item or insert the desired quantity directly). When you are done then go to “Checkout” on the right hand side of the page.

Do keep our weekly cycle in mind … Fruitpassion and our farmers in Africa need a bit of time to process your order!

(also additional opening hours prior arrangement)

When can I place an order and when does Fruitpassion deliver ?

Our weekly order cycle opens each Tuesday morning once we have checked the quality after arrival of the freshest and wildest African fruits.

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What are the delivery arrangements ?

Many of our customers choose to have their Wild orders delivered to one of our convenient Collection Points in- and around Zürich. We will send you an sms once your order has been dropped off at the Collection Point, to remind you to collect your order (can this be automated Rowan?).

If, however you requested a home delivery near a collection point this will cost you an extra Fr. 5; If you live further away we gladly send you a box with your order by Post for Fr. 8.

Can I become a regular weekly customer … without having to re-order my fruitbasket by Thursday every week ?

Of course E-Mail Just let us know by email that you want to be a regular weekly … or fortnightly … customer. We will repeat your order. The only time you’ll need to contact us to change this is if you go on holiday and want to put your order on hold.
Please let us know via email by no later than the weekend prior to the coming week’s delivery. Late notifications will de delivered and billed.

How and when do I pay ?         

As you process your order you will be asked to pay by credit card. Alternatively we will include an invoice with our delivery, which you please pay within 10 days …. Pleeeeeeease, we’re a small company with not much money! (and shipment will only take place once your transfer hits our accounts).

What if there are papayas in this week’s bag but I still have enough or I don’t like them ?

We try to be flexible. Within reason, let us know what you really don’t want or need in your basket and we will do our best to change it – or just mail us to let us know your preferences for the week.

I think something is missing from my order…?

Occasionally we have to make a change to your bag contents because of the weather or other circumstances. First check that we haven’t substituted an item for something else. But if something is missing, please let us know and we’ll replace it with your next delivery.

Fruitpassion Produce … Is all your produce organic ?

Absolutely. All produce of our African farmers grew without the use of fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. It’s for legal reasons that we can’t call it organic, hence call it WILD … what it actually is!

Should I wash my fruits ?

Yes, please do. We aim to give you great tasting, ethically produced food without impacting on the environment. We try to avoid mechanical washing of our vegetables as it can damage them, reducing shelf life, nutritional content and flavour. Fruit and veg should be washed as close to eating as possible. So yes, please wash it yourself.

What about storing our fruits to make it last ?

Our philosophy on packaging is also simple – use as little as possible without compromising quality. The real trick is to receive it and pack it away as soon as you possibly can. Consider each fruit what it needs. Generally tropical fruit are best stored at room temperature or in a cool cellar if you want them to last a bit longer.