Fruitpassion is to a large extent also a venture philanthropic firm that is active in Switzerland and Cameroon. In Switzerland we support individuals who, for example, because of their family situation have difficulty integrating themselves in a working environment. We offer family friendly and flexible workplaces.

In Cameroon it is our goal to run a generation house for orphans

Since January ’19 our house in the jungle is finished. There are functioning sanitary facilities with running water, beds in the rooms and the power supply works every now and then (solar cells are planned!). As of this August, our ‘CEO’ will set up his tents in Cameroon and then, together with employed parents that are currently being recruitet, welcome the first children in the house.

Besides this we pay the school fees for several destitute families who could otherwise not afford to send their children to school

We help the farmers in Cameroon, among other things, by pre-financing the harvest opened bank accounts for them and we support their agricultural economy without pesticides.

If you would also like to help with the construction of the Generation House in Cameroon, then please Contact us .