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About us

Welcome to our Wild African Company

We are a sustainable company focusing on giving small farmers in Africa access to the Swiss and European market. The farmers do not use fertilizers and pesticides, hence the product is not only very fresh but wild as it mainly grows in the forests of Cameroon and other beautiful places all over Africa (Burkina Faso, Senegal, Zambia, etc.)

Our promise

Our promise is to bring the best quality possible of tropical fruit to the European market. Even the peanuts, the coconuts or our tasty dried fruit is wild. We don’t use any preservatives nor any add-ons.

You can

  • Order baskets, which can be either picked up at a collection point or at request will be delivered to your door
  • Buy from our retail partners
  • Ask for a Catering solution
  • Buy at a fruitpassion stand at one of our weekly markets


Fruit Passion, founded by Francette Dubach-Obe, is a small company that imports exotic fruits and vegetables directly from Africa.  Unsatisfied with the lack of flavor of exotic fruits in the Swiss market, she decided to bring fruits and vegetables from her own native country, Cameroon, in order to fill this niche.

Francette visited papaya producers in Cameroon.

The first few fruit boxes arrived from Cameroon in 2006.  She delivered door to door to friends, neighbors and acquaintances week after week.  Taste tests, samples, fruit baskets were prepared constantly to service new clients.  And soon after, she realized that her small idea had turned into a big reality.

On site quality control in Cameroon.

Fruitpassion is proud to sell exotic fruits and vegetables that are organically produced from small farmers in Africa.  No pesticides and no fertilizers are used.  The fruits are picked ripe from the tree and shipped directly to Zurich every week by plane.  With the support of a local export association of farmers Fruit Passion is able to select the right produce and properly control its quality before shipping the boxes to Switzerland.

Women are a part of the processing steam in Cameroon. Cameroon is leading by their dried fruit, peanuts and coconut slices production.

Only two years after its initial deliveries, Fruitpassion now sells direct to companies and makes weekly home deliveries.   We cater to restaurants, special events, and family kitchens.   We sell at organic fruit and vegetable markets in and out of Zürich.  And you can also find us at Hiltl’s new Vegi-Metzg shop at their flagship store in Zürich center.

Anja, one of our most reliable farmers, checking the quality of pineapple.

As the company grows, the people working with Francette have also multiplied.  The Fruit Passion Team continues to work hard to bring each one of our customers a bit of flavor every week.  Our goal is to bring you fresh, healthy and tasty exotic fruits and vegetables that you can share with family and friends.

We hope you enjoy them